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John Ball Blacksmith – Conceiving the Contemporary

Customers comment that creating a new design for a specific site is an enjoyable collaborative process with John. His gentle artistic flair and practical design experience coupled with his expert understanding of metal as a medium quickly deliver real added dimensions to even the smallest seed of an idea. He has a highly respected ability to interpret perceived practical needs and share creative thoughts without assuming ownership.

Modern concepts can favour simplicity, but this may often present the biggest challenge. Qualified in Art & Design at degree level, John can achieve the finish or balance required in minimalist or simple looking work from sculptural pieces to the clean lines of a modern gate.

A wax finish to secure a natural lustre tends to be the preferred option on contemporary pieces, however a wide selection of other professional finishes is also available.

"The casements are superb, we really appreciate your craftsmanship"

I & K, Southwold