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John Ball Blacksmith – Casement Windows

It is easy to overlook little casement windows, but their simple delicacy and beauty lifts any property.
John Ball Blacksmith offers a full casement window service and has a real understanding of how to marry the demands of modern living with the need to retain original aesthetics.

From early leaded lights to later versions using zinc cames, all metal casement windows can be restored or fully replicated. Although often dismissed as draughty (especially the ones using larger panes of glass held in with zinc cames), they are an important architectural feature in many period properties and at times over
150 years old.

Unique feather edge frames do note compromise the original aesthetics, but are rigid enough to meet modern expectations: when fitted correctly, they will be draught free.

On the leaded lights, all the lead cames are soldered together free-hand using a mixture of antique glass with subtle colour changes to achieve a fully original look.

"The casements are superb, we really appreciate your craftsmanship"

I & K, Southwold