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John Ball Blacksmith

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A highly skilled craftsman with a fine reputation as a specialist metalworker, John Ball is a discerning Suffolk blacksmith who combines experience as an artist, designer and engineer to hand forge unique, inspirational and functional pieces of ironwork for your home or business.

Based in the historic market town of Framlingham, he has a natural ability to capture the subtlety of period features and is a perceptive interpreter and gently innovative force when it comes to designing something new.

Designing, making, finishing and fitting are all part of the service and his work is valued by customers throughout England for its distinctive quality, detail and creativity. Commissions have also been requested in Europe and his one-off, authenticated pieces have regularly attracted the attention of collectors.

John has come a long way since his early explorations into metal sculpture using an improvised forge made from old bricks and a discarded vacuum cleaner! Today he enjoys a bespoke workshop where modern technologies sit comfortably alongside a traditional forge, hammer, tongs and anvil and showcases his work in his own gallery next to Framlingham’s historic Market Hill.

"I love the balustrade and it is much admired. It is astonishing the way you interpreted my request - it's just what I wanted"

KH, Cambridge